I am sorry for your situation and lost investment. I am now ready to take on more clients who want to participate in upcoming class action
lawsuits, and the dividends therein. My legal actions include both investments made with FIAT money and Crypto currency. Today I have several thousands of clients from about 100 countries. The agreement between you and me as your Attorney is that you pay an administration fee of €150 / 160$ per person (that’s all) to cover my overhead expenses for a team of 30+ people, and then I take a commission of 20% of anything 
I manage to get in compensation in my legal processes. This is
the practice that a lawyer in the US use.

I have full freedom to design the necessary legal strategy and make the best possible settlements or court orders. If you accept, I will arrange with my Community Manager, Daniel, to invite you to an exclusive group on Telegram. This is the exclusive group for all my clients who have accepted the agreement between them and me.

Please note the payment instruction as part of the registration. I need you to send me a copy of the payment and I will confirm it 
immediately, and after that you will be put on my client list. You can make the payment both with bank transfer and Crypto payment.

I am the only person who has access to your identity (not even paralegals or assistants can access your identity) and I will keep your
 identity confidential to our counterparts. The identifications will be 
certified by the Notary Public if needed in my contacts with counterparties and anonymized.

All information will be handled according
to the GDPR. Once you have paid the administration fee, we will add you too the
Telegram group and you will receive a message about this and receive a digital form to fill in with necessary information I need to make your claimed lost investment.

Lars Olofsson, Esq

Worlds largest Class Action Lawyer.