We help companies reach higher levels

Our organisation have more then 100 years of experience of business development. We develop the business concepts for both startups and mature companies with our knowledge and working methods, and our large international network of co-operators and suppliers.


Prio Startup is Mr. Lars Olofsson and Mrs. Nina Jansdotter who all have a large experience of being entreprenures, doing organisational development, designing business concepts and managing companies.

PRIO stands for; Professional Result with Innovative Organisation. Our concept combine adding funding with a unique organisation and working methods benchmarked from the car manufacturing industry. Being an enpreprenure and business manager require a craftsmanship with good tools and an efficient organisation to receive a good profit, return on investment and market development.


We bring the company we take care of on an exiting journey to success by adding funding to a startup company and help them thru our Prio Startup process that lasts for 12-18 months. During that process we add education and training, add management tools and design the business concept into a concept for international scaling up. When the Prio Startup process is finished we make an EXIT to the next investor who could be one of the large venture capital companies, or the funders of the company re-take our equity of between 20-30 percent we take as a fee for our service.

The Prio Startup process contain a number of education activities from; Sales, LEAN-Development for R&D, how to use management tools and coaching of the funders in their every day work. On every occation we decide to invest and engage ourselves in a startup we are going to develop the single business most professional company, and the value of the company should be far more when we entered. Our fee is by sharing this added value. We work by the same principals that the funders of the company do.

Our process brings a Startup from start to business objective in 12-18 months.
PRIO Startup

Blog Entry 3

Blog Entry 3

We have now started exploring interesting business ideas in which we will invest. Then we take the next step which is a review of the business structure and the business conditions to then make a so-called "Due Diligence" and finally an investment decision if both...

Blog Entry 2

Blog Entry 2

For many years, we have had a lot of contact with the financial industry and investors who have been involved in so-called startups. ased on these observations and experiences, we have developed our concept Prio Startup. What has surprised us is the relatively poor...

Blog Entry 1

Blog Entry 1

Experienced entrepreneurs and investors say: "No business idea is completely unique". It is also our experience. No matter how smart you are, and how unique my idea is, there is a great risk that somewhere on the globe there is another individual sitting and having...

Pitch our idea

We are looking for funders of startups who wants to do “good business” together with us. What kind of business you are in or business concept you have is not the major requirement. We are looking for business concepts that could be scaled up internationally, and we have a reasonable chance to make an EXIT in not more then 18 months having done our Prio Startup process.

In an average we add in funding about 100.000 US Dollars, and we are not interested in startups who needs less then 30.000 US Dollars.

Our fast and well organized selection process contains four steps:
* Quick review that our basic requirements are in place.

* Assessment of business concept

* Due diligence

* Investment decission

The entire process could be done in one to three weeks depending on how well prepared the funders of the startup are. When our investment decission is made the Prio Startup process begins the day after. Having momentum is a corner stone in our concept. Our basic philosophy is; Time-To-Market.

Pitch your idea

We will be back to you in one week with an answer if we want to proceed and do the next step witch is a business assessment.


Contact person PRIO Startup

Contact person PRIO Startup